A History of Service

Global Neighbors exists to strengthen the social and moral ties of communities and families around the world.

Since 1996, we have partnered with people in developing nations, providing:

Healthy Food
Economic Development

Our partnerships foster a healthy community atmosphere focused on positive change.

Education Enrichment

Through proper education, students are able to fight poverty and change their futures.

Medical Care

Providing proper medical care saves thousands of lives each year in developing countries.

Pure Water
Humanitarian Aid

From short term to long term assistance, our partners seek to make a difference wherever they’re serving.

Love & Care
Cultural Exchange

Our partners share American culture with those around them, while learning from the country they serve in.

Travel Activities
English Tutorial Programs

Teaching English gives youth and adults a chance to change their life circumstances.

Featured Causes

Our partners serve their communities through positive change, language courses, and humanitarian outreach.

Community Outreach in Southeastern Europe

Throughout Southeastern Europe, the community centers serve thousands of students and families every year through various initiatives. These include language training, sports outreach, and leadership development programs.

English Classes in Asia

Using an American curriculum, volunteers and teachers lead mid-level English classes for locals. Their goal is to prepare students to enter world-class universities and thrive there.

Language Training in South Asia

Fostering positive change, language training centers throughout South Asia teach English courses to the community, empowering students to reach their full potential.

Healthcare in South Asia

South Asia is one of the world’s most medically-underserved regions. Our workers are providing quality, compassionate, holistic health care in places of great poverty.

How you’re changing lives


From renovating older hospitals to providing new medical equipment and partnering with highly-trained medical staff, you’re helping change lives around the world.


Across the globe, children and adults suffer from a lack of education. Your partnership helps provide the learning tools needed to open up new opportunities and bring hope to a hopeless situation.